Banana Soap Mango Soap Grapes Soap Coconut Soap
All these fruit shaped soaps have a lovely fragrance and great lather for the bath or shower. Enjoy the aroma of your unique desire and relax to the calming oils on your skin. Refreshing and soothing to you and your skin. Craft Fort is populated with many fruit scented soap items as Bunch of banana shaped fruit fragrance soap, Bunch of black grapes fruit fragrance soap, Bunch of green grapes shaped fragrance soap, Chocolate shaped fragrance soap, Cut mango shaped fruit fragrance soap, Cut watermelon shaped fruit fragrance soap, Flower soap with jasmine fragrance, Flower shaped soap with orchid fragrance, and there are many others. We also provide alluring heart shaped Packaging Tin Box to gift it to your special ones or to yourself. Enjoy and appreciate!! Great gift ideas too! Product Satisfaction Guaranteed